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Water Damaged Cabinets

Cabinets usually get water damage from leaky sinks, dishwashers and fridges. When cabinets absorb too much water, the wood expands, changing the shape of the cabinet, and visibly damaging the surface.


Most likely, any cabinet, panel or door damaged by water, cannot be refinished and will have to be replaced. Composite panels such as particleboard or MDF need to be removed and replaced. If the damage is to the cabinets' doors and is not that extensive, it can sometime be repaired and refinished.

Sink cabinets can have bottoms replaced but not the back or sides unless all the plumbing is removed from the cabinet including all piping, sink and faucet, water filter and instant hot water.


Kitchenfix can make a new replacement panel to match what was damaged, almost exact or very closeto in finish, Back or side finish panels on islands and peninsulas can be replaced on site. Dishwasher and fridge gables usually have to be replaced in their entirety. Drawers that are damaged by water or liquid spillage have to be replaced using the same drawer front if possible.

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