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Pullout Drawers

Also known as internal drawers, sliding shelves or gliding shelves 


Kitchenfix can install Internal pullout drawers in cabinets of any size. Pullout drawers can be installed in upper cabinets, lower cabinets, pantry cabinets, under sinks and in bathroom vanities.

Pullout drawers maximize your accessible space and give you access to the full width and depth of the cabinet. We build them on the spot, at your home and they are completed the same day. We use hardware from Julius Blum GMBH which is guaranteed for life.

Any cabinet with a single or double door can have a pullout drawer installed.  The amount of storage space in your kitchen can be doubled with the installation of pullout drawers.  The drawers are soft closing and are weight rated for over 100lbs. After hundreds of installations over many years we have never had a drawer fail to work properly.

Pullout drawers are available in various colors and configurations suitable for pots and pans, cutlery and utensils and pantry and staple items. Internal dividers are available as an option. Extra deep or shallow pullout drawers are available for special sized cabinets.

If you want to love your kitchen again and enjoy increased storage space, call Kithenfix for a free quote.  

or call  ☎️ 647-514-2940 ☎️

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