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Cabinets Falling off Wall

If your cabinets look like they are falling off the wall or detaching from the wall, Kitchenfix can help. We can safely re-secure cabinets to drywall, metal stud or concrete block walls so that they are safe and secure. If your cabinets begin to tilt slightly forward, or a gap is visible at the top of the cabinets, it is important to deal with this immediately as the cabinets can fall to the ground at any time. In some cases, what appears as cabinets falling off the wall is actually the cabinets falling apart — the sides of the cabinets are coming apart from the back.

cabinet falling off wall 1.jpeg
cabinet falling off wall 2.jpeg

In all cases, Kitchenfix can repair or rebuild your cabinets. We can usually do it in one visit as we have all the required parts in our truck. 

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